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Coffee that is good for the growers, good for the earth, and good for you!

Roam Coffee believes the growers should be fairly compensated for the hard work that goes into supplying the specialty-grade coffee used at Roam Roasters. When sourcing coffee, we focus on several areas:

  • Sustainable Farming. We avoid the coffee fads, marketing buzz-words, and farming practices that ultimately hurt the growers. We partner with Convoya Coffee to help us vet and location the highest quality beans from the best farming operations around the world. 
  • Fair Pricing. All Roam Coffee is Fair Trade certified, but we go a step beyond, and make sure the growers are receiving living wages for their crops based on their region. 
  • Environmental Impact. When possible, we love to source coffee that is Rainforest Alliance certified from the participating regions. Our focus on small-farm growers helps reduce the carbon footprint and rainforest destruction often found with larger commercial growers. 
  • Quality. Roam only sources Specialty-Grade coffee, the highest quality in the industry. Each bag is inspected for quality and defects prior to roasting, and roasting methods are adjusted to each crop to highlight the unique quality of the region, growing year, and bean characteristics. 

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